Atlassian Community Leader

20-01-13 - I'm now an Atlassian Community Leader - Woohoo!

So, I'm now officially a Community Leader over at Atlassian.

You can check me out here >>

My experience is within Trello (of course) and all things Butler!

I try to answer as many Trello & Butler questions as I can on the Community, and I'm planning a series of articles on how to use Trello as a Student.

Exciting times ahead!

20-01-29 - I didn't waste any time, I just published my first article (below)

20-01-19 - Creating free card covers for Trello

My first article had to be something fun and exciting, so I decided to write it about how to make awesome Trello card covers for free using Google Slides templates.

You can read it here: How to make awesome card covers using Google Slides - for free!

20-01-21 - Celebrate your badges

My second article of January 2020 is all about the Atlassian Community, specifically Celebrating Your Badges!

Within the Community, there are badges for all kinds of things; likes received on articles published, published articles, monthly badges and special badges.

Some of them are easy, and some are hard, but ALL should be celebrated!

20-02-01 Non-work uses for Trello - House Vision Board

It's important to remember that Trello can do much more than 'to do > doing > and done' especially if you're using Trello at home and not for work.

There are lots of things on the non-work side that Trello can do.

In this article I explain that I created a House Vision Board to keep track of all the different items that I like from all over the internet. Baskets within Amazon and Ikea are wonderful, but if you're like me and have baskets all over the place, there isn't a consistent way to see a whole room, or a whole house aesthetic across all those baskets.

By using the official Trello Chrome Extension, it's easy to get items from all over the internet into one coherent board, which is really useful for being able to see the overall theme of a room, but also great for remembering where they all came from and how much they are listed for.

20-02-02 Can you remember your first Trello board?!

When you're moving along in your Trello journey, it's difficult to remember where you started. Unless, you're like me and took pictures of a LOT of my boards to send them to people, along with (usually) a rant about how wonderful it is!

In this article I encouraged the Community to remember their first Trello board, to see how far they've come, or to embrace their originality, or just to reflect on changing tastes and preferences.

20-02-07 - February Theme: Hello, Trello, you wonderful thing you!

Every month within the Atlassian Community, Atlassian Authors are set a monthly theme to inspire us to write an article. This month was Hello Trello - how the Community uses Trello with other Atlassian products e.g. Confluence, Jira etc.

I'll admit that I don't use any other Atlassian products, and I only use Trello at home (never for/at work), so I didn't think that I was going to be able to take part in February's theme. But Bridget came to my rescue and made a secondary theme "Give an example of a work or home project where Trello helped you move work forward" so I wrote about my journey as an Atlassian Community Leader and how I keep track of what I write and publish and how I use Google Docs & Drive to make sure everything is relevant and up to date.

20-02-08 - Non-work uses for Trello: Collections - Nail Varnish Board

So, as I've mentioned before, Trello can be used to collect almost anything.

With this in mind, I saw Jodie LeBlanc's article: A Collection of Treasured Items which is a wonderful representation of her sentimental Christmas decorations.

I don't collect many things, I'm trying to be a little bit minimalist whenever I can. I have zero ornaments (because they collect dust), but what I do have is a staggering amount of nail varnishes!

I have so many nail varnishes that when I go shopping, I see a colour that I love and buy it, only to get it home and find out that I've already got one (or 4). So I decided to make a board that had all my polishes in one place so that when I'm out I can check if I already have the same one!

I decided to create an article on it to show that Trello isn't just for work, and it can house anything you can think of!

20-02-24 - Miscellaneous Monday - Quotes

Every Monday the Altassian Community runs 'Meg's Miscellaneous Monday' for pure randomness, along with 'Friday-Fun'. Both of these are off-topic discussions where we can let lose the silly little things within a dedicated space.

This was the first MMM that I was given so I knew it had to be something good!

I decided that I would start by asking people for all the random quotes and sayings that they heard and stuck with them. Of course, most of mine came from Sir Terry Pratchett, but the conversation and ideas this sparked was awesome!

Here is a link to the article, and this is one of the pictures that I used (one of my favourites). The man is a legend.

20-03-07 - International Women's Day - Women Who Inspire Me

The March 202 theme for Atlassian Authors was International Women's Day.

This article explains the three women closest to my heart.

The picture (take up more space) is one that Atlassian made for IWD, and I love it so much it's the background on a Trello Board as well as my iMac background.

20-03-15 - Non-work uses for Trello - How to make a computer reset board

In March, I had the unfortunate experience of my iMac going dark on me.

Nothing was working.

Everything was dead.

It was an ex-Mac.

But I have a Trello board and list within that board which has all the programmes and apps that I have on my Mac, should the worst happen. It has all the activation codes and licence numbers that I need. I thought that I would write an article about how to set this up in case anyone else had the same problem and didn't know that this was a possibility in Trello

20-03-15 - What I've Learned as a Leader - 60 Days In

As part of my onboarding with Atlassian, I was tasked to write an article about what I'd learned in my first 60 days as an Atlassian Community Leader.

This is the article that I wrote. It goes through all the wonderful experiences that I've had in the first 3-months-ish, what I would tell people who were thinking about becoming and Leader and all the fab things that happen behind the scenes.

20-03-17 - Guess who's going to Atlassian Remote Summit 2020?!

With Covid-19 causing a global panic, Atlassian have moved Summit from Las Vegas to 100% virtual.

Tune into Atlassian Remote Summit 2020! | Register for free.

20-03-19 - How I'm embracing remote work

So, in these terrible times, a lot of us are now working from home when it's not something we've ever done before.

I'm one of those people.

The Atlassian Community made a new badge #embrace-remote for this strange time that we're facing at the moment, to liven spirits and share tips on how to navigate these times.

I wrote my article from the point of view that I've always wanted to work from home and never been able to, but I know a lot of other people can't stand working from home and find it really challenging, so this article is not meant to belittle their personal experiences, just to give mine.

20-03-30 - Miscellaneous Monday - Odd presents

We have a Miscellaneous Monday opportunity to share and ask random questions to the Community.

This is my second in 2020, and as my 40th birthday is in 4 days, I decided to ask about random and odd presents that people have received, that makes them make this face >>>

20-04-12 Non-work Uses for Trello - Making Divider Lists

In this article I discuss how to make list dividers within Trello boards. There are many reasons you might want to make divider lists, for example, to separate years or events, rather than making hundreds of boards to hold essentially the same information.

20-04-13 How Trello is helping me work remotely

The company that I work for doesn't use Atlassian products, at least, not in my department. I know that other departments use Jira, but most of my colleagues don't know anything about Trello or other Atlassian products.

Because I'm a heavy Trello user, I've been able to share my knowledge about it with colleagues and have conversations that otherwise wouldn't have happened. I explain this in this article

20-04-13 Remote work survival guide

Most of the world right now is working from home. For some of us (including me) that's a total change from what we're used to, and for me personally, I feel like I've been treading water for a month!

In this article I discuss the processes and changes that I have implemented and changed, now that I find myself working from home.

20-04-15 The Seven Remote Work Sins

I thought that I would carry on with the Remote Work theme, thanks to the April Atlassian Authors Challenge, with a playful article on the Seven Sins of Remote Work. Here I discuss golden nuggets like 'if you're going to pee when you're on a Zoom call, turn your mic off' and other things that we all need to know when working from home!

20-04-20 Non-work Uses for Trello - Making a Pantry Board & Integrated Shopping List

With the new lockdown processes in place, we're having to shop for only the things that we need, we need to make sure that our shopping lists are up to date. How better to make sure that the shopping list is right than to make a spanking new board! In this article, I go through how I made a shopping list and inventory board.