Welcome to Esme's Tiny Tech Tips, where I share simple (and sometimes not so simple) tips and tricks for making the technology we use everyday, work for us!

Important Announcement from Esme 21 August 2019!

I just thought that I would pen a quick note to say that my dissertation for my MSc Psychology is due to be handed in on 20 September, that's 30 days away - panic stations!

I won't be updating this website significantly between now and then, because all my time has to be focused on my uni work, as well as starting my new job week beginning 2nd September!

Feel free to look around the site as it stands, but I just thought that I would let people know that uni work must come first! I'll still be jotting down notes in my format of choice (read: Trello - obviously) so that I can upload them when my dissertation is handed in, but there won't be significant changes and additions to this website until uni is done!

A little bit about me!

Hi! My name is Esme and I'm sort of addicted to Trello, along with other (often overlooked) apps!

I am a mature student studying MSc Psychology (my second masters degree), hurtling towards 40 and I love being organised! I don't mean a little organised, I mean seriously organised, on a very tight budget! See more about what I pay for and don't, further down this page.

I am currently completing my Dissertation on the psychology underpinning vaping motivation (yes I'm a vaper, I gave up smoking 2 years ago through vaping when nothing else worked and vaping is important to me, and strangely no, I don't have a Trello board for vaping although obviously, I have several for my Dissertation!), and I have already been accepted onto my 3rd Masters Degree for September 2019 at the University of Staffordshire to study MA Continental Philosophy. I currently have a week off between handing in my Dissertation on Friday 6th September and starting the MA on Monday 16th September 2019. A week off is enough...right?!

I am married to a wonderful man, who puts up with me getting all gushy and mega excited (more than any sane person should be!) over Trello and other things that I find value in, I collect orchids (yes I have a Trello board for that!), we have three nutty dogs (who no doubt you'll be introduced to in this site and in my YouTube videos) and my family is everything to me.

What makes this site different?

As there are loads of amazing resources for using Trello, why should you read this one?

I thought that I would start this site, along with the YouTube channel because I've learned a lot about Trello through trial and error and I've discovered along the way, that a lot of information on YouTube and blogs about Trello is about using it as a team, which isn't relevant to me because, while I use the Business Plan, I use it on my own.

The amount of videos related to Trello and the amount of blogs is amazing, there are many people who are as passionate about Trello as I am, but a lot of the information is about using this amazing programme within a team and not a lot about what you can do with it as an individual.

Using Trello as an individual changes the experience of Trello in a number of ways, and I've found that I've skipped through a lot of YouTube videos because most of the content isn't geared towards solo users. The assumption seems to be that Business Plan users are businesses, rather than individuals wanting ALL THE POWER-UPS!

As I have already mentioned, a significant proportion of information about Trello is geared towards teams and over the last 6-months I have watched and read everything I can to try and see if there's anything valuable to me in hundreds of resources that aren't aimed at me, a solo user with a Business Plan.

Don't get me wrong, I have found value in many resources that I didn't think I would, I've found random blogs of how people have used Trello in their everyday life and have used it to organise everything possible. I have watched videos of someone's use of Trello that were aimed as massive businesses, but I have been able to take one key piece of information and use it in my own boards.

Trello how to videos fall into two categories, individual users who are either on the free version or on Gold and make it work for them, or Business users with a huge emphasis on sharing and collaboration. It doesn't seem like there are many tips and tricks on individuals who are utterly in love with Trello (like me as you may have guessed) and have a Business Plan.

I am also only using free or cost effective sites, programmes and equipment for this site and the associated YouTube channel. When I first thought about this, I wanted to use a programme called Screencast-O-Matic, and their free version, that I have, only lets you record for 15 minutes.

So the Tiny Tech Tips idea was born.

Fitting what I wanted to talk about into 15 minutes, means that I can only deal with one topic per video and have to be very specific about content. There are wide and varied videos on Trello ranging from 5 minutes to 45 minutes, but they don't always tell you what you want to know. Some of them scan over every board that they have in 10 minutes without really going into detail about the why and how, and seeing a birds eye view of someone else's boards can be really intimidating! While some seem to say very little about the mechanics of their board/s in a 45 minute video. So I decided that I would do single short, concise videos about one topic, whether that's a specific Trello Power-Up, a Butler command, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Apple Reminders or anything else in between, but keep them short and only talk about one thing per video. Yes, that means I'm going to have a lot of content quite quickly, but it also means you're not trawling through 30 minutes to find the one 30 second key piece of information that you could actually use!

I also wanted to have photo walkthroughs of how I set up specific boards and Butler commands, because sometimes videos aren't the best way to show something, sometimes it's better to have a screenshot of the recipe that I made in Butler so that you can see exactly what I've put in mine and you know that it works!

The format of this website

I've found that having videos are great, but sometimes, I would have preferred if there was a written walkthrough with illustrative screenshots at significant points in addition to the YouTube video. Then I could pick whether I want to go through the written content step by step, or watch the video, so I wanted to try and give information in both formats wherever possible.

There are very few sites which have both, most of the time, there is a YouTube video OR a written website, sometimes even a companion website, but they don't give the same information on both. I understand why, because if you duplicate written information in a video, the traffic will generally either only happen on the YouTube video/channel or on the companion website, so that content creators are able to judge which is getting the most traffic and focus on that medium above the other. But I want to cover both and duplicate wherever possible, so it's up to you which you use!

There are some instance where it's just not possible to watch a video and you want to have step by step instructions. There are also instances where you want to have the video playing in picture-in-picture (using a Google Chrome Extension that I talk about here) so that you can follow along with the video and do each step of the instructions and don't want to have to read a massive long page of typed words. I will do my very best to only have in the YouTube videos exactly the same information as I have put in the written section for each subject on this website, this is purposeful so that you can use either the written page or the video and get exactly the same information, one does not contain more information than the other.

There are also people who take in more information in written for and some people who are able to retain more information when they watch a video. Therefore, I will attempt to record videos and not only upload them to YouTube, for those who prefer to watch YouTube, but I will also embed them into the page on this website that has the written instructions, so that both are on the same page and you can pick what you want for your most effective way of taking information in!

Where a board is massive, and requires more than one video, these will be added within the page where they fit, and I will curate a playlist on YouTube for the specific boards where more than one video is added to a page. I will post this playlist at the bottom of the page, so that you can either pick the specific part of the text or the corresponding video that you need to watch, or you can watch the whole playlist for the whole board and see everything at once.

Where a video is explaining something that I use on multiple boards/website pages, for example where a Butler Command running on multiple boards, if the information is the same, I will duplicate both the text and the video. I won't do another video explaining the very same information. This way, on a single page, you will have all the written content as well as the YouTube videos for that specific topic and where a video is used on multiple pages, it will appear in all of the playlists that it belongs in. This means that there will be duplication on the website, but I will try and make sure that this is clearly indicated so that you can skip to the next section if you've already been through it on another page.

Thank you for viewing my site and welcome page, if you think someone else could find it useful, please consider sharing it around!